Flu shots and vaccines
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Flu shots and vaccines

According to the CDC, Influenza causes an estimated 9 to 35 million illnesses each year. Of these, many cases require hospitalization and can be fatal. The CDC recommends that everyone six months of age and older receive a yearly flu vaccine.

The flu spreads easily. It can be passed along and you won’t even immediately exhibit any symptoms. Once infected, you are contagious as early as one day before symptoms surface and can spread the virus over the course of a week afterward. Weaker immune systems can carry the virus for even longer periods.

Why get your flu shot now?
  1. The best prevention to shield you from the flu is the vaccination. While not a guarantee, the flu shot can prevent severe flu symptoms and complications from the virus.
  2. Your prevention also protects those around you that may be more vulnerable to the flu, including young children and the elderly.
  3. The flu virus changes every year. Your annual flu shot gives you the most up-to-date vaccine possible to adapt to the latest form of the virus.

Fast Pace Health clinics are equipped to provide the right influenza vaccines for your family and community.

Fast Pace Health is offering flu shots at $35 ($70 for patients 65 and up) to out-of-pocket self-pay patients. For your convenience, you can walk-in today and receive this vaccine.

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