Fast Pace Health Recognizes Provider and X-Ray Week
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Fast Pace Health Recognizes Provider and X-Ray Week

Fast Pace Health would like to recognize these Providers and X-Ray Techs:

Indiana – Erika Buxton, X-ray, Hanover

“You don’t have to have x-ray vision for the heart, Erika cares from the heart for all of our patients.”

Laura Sparks – Clinic Director, Hanover

Kentucky – Jon Nations, Provider, Lawrenceburg

“Jon is a valued team member who is dedicated to our Fast Pace Mission and Vision and is a great asset when orienting our new staff members and performing clinic coordinator duties.”

Traci Brady, Clinic Director, Lawrenceburg

Kentucky – Marlena “Lynette” Shafer, X-ray, Lawrenceburg

“Lynette is our newest team member and she demonstrates the Fast Pace Promise in an exemplary manner with a positive attitude and compassion for those in our care.”

Traci Brady, Clinic Director, Lawrenceburg

Kentucky – Erika Buxton, X-ray, Murray

“Jessica Burkeen always comes to work with a positive attitude and a smile. She is always very kind and caring towards our patients and excellent at her job! I am very thankful to have her on my team.”

Adrienne Offutt, Clinic Director, Murray

Kentucky – Allison McClanahan, Provider, Murray

“Allison McClanahan, NP has really helped us pull through the provider staffing crunch.  She has been willing to work multiple days in a row while traveling to multiple clinics.  Her dedication is a great example of Teamwork at Fast Pace.”

Theresa Tucker, Regional Director

Kentucky – Jacquelyn Young, Provider, Campbellsville

“Jacquelyn Young has stepped in the ‘unofficial’ role as CD in Campbellsville.  She has made herself available to her staff as well as exhibited great teamwork by assisting the RD.  She recognized the need for leadership in the four walls, stepped into the leadership role, and has been guiding the staff during this time of no CD.”

Theresa Tucker, Regional Director

Kentucky – Kristen Thomason, X-ray, Russellville

“Kristen took initiative to step up and take on more responsibility when the CD left.  She continuously makes herself available to her staff.  She is eager to assist the RD with whatever is asked of her.  She is an asset to Russellville clinic and her team.”

Theresa Tucker, Regional Director

provider week

Louisiana – Kristin Anderson, Clinic Director, West Monroe

“I pride myself on the accessibility to healthcare and community we serve. We strive hard to make Fast Pace family-friendly and inclusive of all ages.”

provider week

Louisiana – Erricka Forrest, Clinic Director, Pineville

“As a native of our community, I am able to relate and adapt to each of our patient’s individual needs. My mission is to provide quality healthcare in a fast and friendly atmosphere.  Understanding the value of our patient’s time and the demands of today, I continue to strive to create accessible, affordable, and convenient care so that our patients can get back to what matters most.”

prrovider weekLouisiana – Kayla Savioe, X-ray, Moss Bluff

“Working at Fast Pace as an X-ray technologist has allowed me the chance to help our community with their injury needs. I love being able to get to know our community and form trusting relationships with our patients.”

bradfordLouisiana – Nancy Bradford, X-ray, Deridder

“At Fast Pace Health, we pride ourselves in offering the community affordable healthcare and same-day services. From sutures to x-rays, and behavioral health, we offer a variety of services to our dedicated community. We work diligently to ensure that all patients have the best experience and leave satisfied with their care.”

perry greenwoodMississippi – Dawn Peery, Clinic Director, Greenwood

“Being a provider allows me to meet and care for all different ethnicities.  It allows me to be a mentor and role model to children.  Most of all, I love what I do just helping someone.  A patient once told me “thanks for saving my life”  that brings so much joy to my heart and that’s why I do what I do.”

pell wavelandMississippi – Lindsay Pell, Clinic Director, Waveland

“I love my job because I have the ability to impact a large community by providing both primary and urgent care services. Being the only urgent care in Waveland, MS created a unique opportunity to serve during catastrophic events such as the hurricanes that affected our coast.”

flloyd brookhavenMississippi – Angie Floyd, X-ray, Brookhaven

“Fast Pace has been my work family for three years. My coworkers are amazing. Thanks to them, each day I learn something new and I am excited to see what the future holds. Providing essential healthcare with convenient hours is always a plus in our community!”

shourd bolivarTennessee – Holly Shourd, Clinic Director, Bolivar

“Holly is a great asset to our Fast Pace family. She always goes above and beyond what is expected. She is quick to help other clinics with their needs as well. She is a true leader at the Bolivar clinic. You can feel a great culture she has created as soon as you walk in the door. We are blessed to have her in the West TN region.”

Debbie Dickenson, Regional Director

Tennessee – Cindy Beasley, Provider, Lexington

“Cindy is one of the best! She always has a positive attitude and everyone likes working with her. She has great time management skills and strives to keep the patient flow moving. We are blessed to have her in the West TN region.”

Tennessee – Jennifer Page, X-ray, Blountville

“Jennifer goes above and beyond for her clinic. Her organization and positive energy keep the Blountville clinic going!”

Debbie Dickenson, Regional Director

Tennessee – Colleen Weisenfluh, X-ray, Knoxville

“Colleen helped the Western Ave clinic off to a great start with her positivity and hard work!”

Hannah Sherrod, Regional Director

Tennessee – Chase Stinson, X-ray, Newport

“Chase has been central to the Newport clinic’s success! He is a hard worker and always willing to help out!”

Hannah Sherrod, Regional Director

Tennessee – Brittany Baldy, Provider, Morristown

“Brittany is an incredibly kind and hardworking provider that has been instrumental in the Morristown clinic’s success! If you want to learn how to see a large volume of patients quickly while also providing excellent patient care, come see Brittany!”

Hannah Sherrod, Regional Director

Tennessee – Deserie Cook, Provider, Knoxville

“Deserie does a fantastic job, she has helped keep our Knoxville-area clinics open to serve the community this year! She provides quality top-notch patient care, is easy-going, and a joy to work with!”

Hannah Sherrod, Regional Director

Tennessee – Amanda Johnson, Provider, Erwin

“Amanda provides excellent patient care for her community. She also has an incredible sense of humor! She is always willing to help out fellow providers and has been an important part of the Upper East TN region’s success!”

Hannah Sherrod, Regional Director

gencoTennessee – Amanda Genco, Clinic Director, Sweetwater

“Amanda has been successful in building a great team with a great culture in her clinic. She has shown true leadership within her clinics.”

Terry Hood – Regional Director, Tennessee

bolingTennessee – Amanda Womac-Boling, Clinic Director, Loudon

“Amanda truly leads with compassion and concern for both her patients and staff. She continuously finds creative ways to support and let everyone know how much they are appreciated.”

Terry Hood – Regional Director, Tennessee

Tennessee – Katie Lloyd, Clinic Director, Dunlap

“Katie has truly created a sense of home within her clinic they function and serve as a family taking care of another family member. They always provide an excellent patient experience and has created a very comfortable atmosphere in her clinic for the staff. They support each other both inside and outside the clinic.”

Terry Hood – Regional Director, Tennessee

Tennessee – Ruby Purnell, Provider, Loudon

“Ruby has been there for both her patients and her coworkers, she is always willing to help and do whatever is needed in the clinic to get the job done! Thanks, Ruby for all you do.”

Terry Hood – Regional Director, Tennessee

Tennessee – Scitha Loader, Provider and X-ray, Dunlap

“Scitha has done it all, FOS, MA, CC, and now x-ray. Scitha works wherever she is needed and always shows up with a smile on her face making everyone’s day better. She is willing to help anyone out and if she doesn’t know the answer she will help you find the answer.”

Terry Hood – Regional Director, Tennessee